Made with Love in Sicily

The Company

sharing the Love for the Land and Culture of our Territory
leads an will always lead our work


Over 100 years of history

From a century-old Family Tradition always dedicated to innovative and state of the art Agricolture, in the '50s, due to Nonno Mario choice, the production of Olive Oil is developed.

Since 2004, the witness has been passed to the Grandchildren who care for the "Land" according to the same values ​​and dedication as the Grandfather.

The Company

Tradition and Innovation

The Company is located in the Iblei Mountains zone, Province of Ragusa, in the heart of Oriental Sicily.

The Olive Oil production is carried out through over 4,500 olive trees distributed over approximately 28 hectares cultivated by Biological regime since 1993 - through constant technological innovation applied to production processes.